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About the Artist

Who am I? I am mostly a self taught artist and photographer, with some classes here and there. Currently I am in British Columbia, Canada but originaly from the United States. My passion for drawing has been with me since a very young age. The earliest memory I have is back in grade school when we had to pratice our writing skills by writing poems. Normally you would just write the poem and turn it in, but my paper always ended up with a drawing either at the top or the bottom of the page that went along with the poem. Though I bet my mother would say I drew on the walls when a toddler. My passion for animals has been with me from a very young age. I remember when I was a very young child I would prance around on all fours pretending to be a horse. Or perfering to play with the animal toys over the dolls. This desire of animals never ended but horses turned into dragons, dragons then into wolves when becoming an adult.

My current favorite medium to use is digital but traditional media such as pencil, color pencils, ink and marker are also on the list of favorites. When not drawing I enjoy going for hikes, watching movies/anime, role playing online, reading a book, going for walks with the husky, write poetry, or just spending time with family. 

The Character:
Skychaser is my personal character: a timber wolf with light grey to dark grey markings (no browns) and hazel eyes. She started life in mIRC as a role play character but since then has become more of my representation of who I am. Originaly was named greywulf but as everyone finds when it comes to individuality names tend to change (Especialy when there were a lot of greywolves on mIRC). Always represented as a feral but there are times that I draw her as an anthro or various other forms to fit the need. Tends to be on the goofy side with a young caring heart but occasionally will become a elder of wisdom with poetry.


About the Art:

You are allowed to use my artwork for personal use such as personal webpages, blogs, etc. as long as you abide to the following rules:

All images must retain thier copyright notice (signature of artist).

Please give me credit for the art. Do not claim you drew it.

My art can be used as referance as long as credit is given for the refereance.

Do not sell my images or use my images to make money in any way.

If you do use my artwork I would appricate that you provide a link back to my website

If you are not sure feel free to contact me. 


You can find prints at Redbubble . If you don't see the image that you were looking for as a print just send me an email and I will load it on there.

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