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Here you will find all the information from prices to rules and conditions. If you are not sure, feel free to just ask!

All prices are in US dollars (USD)



One character sketch.

Additional Character:
+ $10

Add Background:
+ $25



One character inked.

Additional character:
+ $25

Add Background:
+ $50



One colored character.

Additional character:
+ $60
Simple Background:
+ $50
Partial Background:
+ $75
Full Background:
+ $125


$30 TO $75

One character badge. Your choice of style:

Sketch Badge: $30
Simple traditional: $50
Simple Digital: $50
Detailed traditional: $75
Detailed Digital: $75

Please read all of the Commission Rules below thoroughly before you request a commission.
Agreeing to a commission is a binding agreement between Artist and Client. All terms of agreement must be clear between all parties involved. The following rules must be agreed to before a commission will be accepted.

  1. Art Subject - Almost anything is possible, if not sure email me and I will let you know. What I will not draw: Hardcore porn (tasteful nudes and some poses are accepted), graphic scenes, illegal activities, and gore.
  2. Rights - As the artist, I claim all rights to the artwork. This includes any and all electronic rights and usage, the right to reproduce, sell, show, display, and use the artwork as needed. Examples are: Making prints of your commission for public sale. Posting your completed and/or in progress commission online. Use of image on merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, and etc. Commissioner rights: You have the right to post/display the image where you wish as long as copyright remains on the piece of work. Images can be altered for any personal non-business use. You have the right to purchase the artist rights from me which will give you all rights to the work except ownership of creation (the right that I have drawn the image). Please email me to ask about buying the artist rights to your image.
  3. Revisions - A scanned image will be given for review and any revisions must be made during this time before the commission is inked and/or colored.
  4. Timeframe - Since this is not my full time job: average pieces can take a week from start to finish. The bigger the piece the longer it will take, a full page traditional drawing with background can take up to a month depending on complexity.
  5. Payment - Payment must be made before I can start on your commission for sketches and/or sketch badges only. Colored pieces must have the sketch portion paid before work is started. After the preview sketch has been approved for coloring the full amount must be made. Currently I can only accept Paypal payments.
  6. Requests - Yes I do requests now and then but there is a chance that I will not do the request as paid customers will always come first. You are welcome to put in your request and I will put you on my waiting list but don't be surprised if it never gets done.

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